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In the spirit of innovation and unique plasma technology in indoor air disinfection, purification industry reputation in the field of "Pei Jie Seoul", and constantly committed to advanced technology, excellent performance and reasonable price of the products available to users. Two decades has been to customers throughout the country and Southeast Asian countries and regions to provide various types of medical devices and air disinfection purification devices.
It is the first study of manufacturing a plasma air purification, disinfection only enterprise: the¡­

Plasma Sterilization Centralized Air-conditioning Unit
Fan-coil Plasma Air Sterilizer
Plasma Air Sterilization Fan Coil Unit
Draft Type Plasma Air Sterilizer
Full-flow Heat-exchange Plasma Air Sterilizer
VAV Plasma Sterilization Air-Conditioning Unit
Ceiling-mounted Embedded Plasma Air Sterilizer
Plasma Air Sterilizer (Floor-standing)
Plasma Air Sterilizers(Wall-painting type)
Bed-unit Ozone Sterilizer
Plasma Air Sterilizers(Wall-mounted)
UV Air Sterilizer (Floor-standing)
UV Air Sterilizer (Wall-mounted)
Wheeled UV Sterilizer
Medical laminar plasma air purifier
Fan-coil Plasma Air Sterilizer
PM-X1200D2 Ceiling-mounted Embedded Plasma Air Sterilizer
Fan-coil Plasma Air Sterilizer
Single family home
Home Decorative Plasma Air Sterilizer
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